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Slide SERVICES for bookings Dallas, TX +traveling cities
E E L N L T E S M START SCROLLING we do many things boutique culinary design with food that's got all the details.|

Slide CULINARY DESIGN COCKTAIL PARTY+SMALL BITES Typically a 1-3 hour reception, with 4-6 items passed, displayed, or a combination of both. This selection is best selected for parties and light bites and is not a replacement for dinner. Private Parties. Wedding Receptions. Corporate Mingling. Brand and Experiential Events. Wine Tastings. VIEW MENUS P

Slide CULINARY DESIGN Seated+Formal Courses This can be customized to your budget with options of starter courses, single or multiple entrees, sides, salads and desserts. The main difference between buffet and seated event is additional labor and equipment costs, depending on the size of event. Weddings. Corporate Luncheons. Engagement Dinners. Bridal Brunches. Birthday Parties. Brand Events. VIEW MENUS S

Slide CULINARY DESIGN BUFFET+STATIONS This style allows multiple options for people to choose from. Menus typically consist of 3-5 stations and can be either savory or sweet. Buffets and stations can be customized to your budget with options of salads, entrees, accompaniments and desserts. Weddings. Corporate Luncheons. Engagement Dinners. Birthday Brunches. Special Events. VIEW MENUS B

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