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Roses are Red…Cook for Your Boo


I know you’re nervous…but this is necessary. The time is here. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I’m excited for you. Because this is your time to shine. There’s nothing that gives more of an impression to a guy/girl than a meal. I’m talking steaks, desserts, appetizers, allll of thatttt.

With that being said…there are some key fundamentals that every girl [and guy] should know if you’re trying to earn some real life brownie points.  Why should you listen to me? I’m single…duh. We all know this. BUT… there’s nothing that I know more of in life than how to make a good meal that will knock someone off their feet. And “this could be you…but you playing.” With a few of these kitchen and cooking etiquette rules, you’ll be the Beyonce of Valentine’s Day. And we all know…that means a lot these days. 

  1. First things first…Make sure your kitchen is clean. I reinforce…make sure your kitchen is clean. We can’t impress someone with it looking sketch. Bleach it. Pine Sol it. Pray over it. Clean it up. Please. 
  2. No plastic plates. It hurts me when I see nice meals on plastic plates. It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re trying to romance somebody here. Two extra plates and real silverware [don’t you use that plastic set from Luby’s] won’t add too much to the pile. Use a real plate for your romantic, beautiful meal. If you don’t have real plates, Dollar Tree has some nice plain white or black ones. $1 each. 
  3. Taste as you go. A lot of times while cooking, it’s easy to just think it tastes good because you’re used to making your signature dish. Nah. Make sure you’re tasting and refreshing your palette. This avoids your dish being too salty or not having enough flavor-before boo gets there. Let’s be ready for showtime when it’s served. 
  4. If boo is coming over at 7 PM for dinner…you don’t have to start on dinner at 11 AM. I know we’re excited and we want everything to be right..but time out your meal. That way your steak and mashed potatoes won’t be sitting dry for two hours in the microwave, just waiting on someone to put it out it’s misery. 
  5. Be organized. Make sure you’re washing dishes as you go and putting ingredients back as you’re cooking. This way when your Mr./Mrs Wonderful is pulling up, you’re not running around trying to make things look presentable in the kitchen. 
  6. Last but not least…be cute before cooking. Example: If you know that it takes you two hours to beat your face…try to do it before you start cooking. That’s what setting powder is for. Maybe have your hair and face done and all you have to do is change our clothes out [so that you don’t smell like garlic cloves and diced onions.] Time goes by really fast when you’re cooking for others. I’d hate for us to have a meal and look like a bomb went off on us. 

Alright…YOU GOT THIS. I’m counting on you. I’m so excited for you. Let’s get those brownie points! Shoot me an email or comment on social media (@gabriellemcbay) to let me know how everything goes =)


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    Thank you for this advice– especially taste as you go. I usually get so busy while cooking that I don’t taste until the end. Even after v-day, I’ll be using your tips!

    February 15, 2017
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    Please do another V-day meal video or dinner for two meal. I’m planning early cuz I’m already nervous (I know I can’t cook LOL). I love your recipes–easy to follow and they come out really good.

    November 13, 2017

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