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Peace, Love, and Good Food Hard Copy Cookbook


First things first-welcome. You’ve completed the first step of your holiday “do better” just by attaining this cookbook. I’m so grateful that you’re allowing me into your kitchen. I don’t take that for granted, so thank you. I wanted to write this cookbook for those that are hosting holiday dinner for the first time, or maybe you’ve been invited to your significant other’s family dinner and you want them to think that you can really cook… or maybe your job is having a potluck and you want to make a good impression so they can know that you do deserve that bonus. If any of these situations sound familiar — I GOT YOU!

I will give you a heads up that this cookbook…is a bit…different, in its approach. It’s conversational, engaging, and intimate through storytelling. Think of me as coaching you through your kitchen, while sharing my personal moments and the memories behind some of these recipes. Now, aside from just the great food [excluding your aunt’s dressing that everyone hates but won’t tell her], we all know that holidays mean family. And if your family is anything like mine-they are crazy and a little bit dysfunctional too!

These recipes are meant to get you through the holidays with great taste, great memories-and well…if that doesn’t work, just disappear to the restroom or “go to the store” to take a break from everyone. I was just here trying to help =) Let’s get started!

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