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Post One

Getting to Know Me

Hey there! I’m Elle-nice to know you. Thank you for visiting and welcome to my blog site. OMG…I’m pretty excited typing this as the first blog post. [Rookie Probs]. Anywho, I’d love to tell you guys more about me so you won’t think I’m a random, unaccredited chick writing a food blog for kicks and giggles. Here are some fun basic facts:

  1. My name is Gabrielle [Elle] McBay. I’m a twenty something that’s obsessed with food. [24 to be exact]

  2. I’m from Dallas, Texas so most of my recipes you see will have Butter in them. Yes. Butter.

  3. I have a chihuahua named Jet. He’s my world. He’ll probably be in some of my shots.

  4. I started an award-winning pastry company in high school, Crumbs by Elle, that’s been landed me in Forbes Magazine Online, The New York Times, Black Enterprise Magazine, ABC Family and a whole bunch of cool other stuff.

  5. I Graduated from TCU [Texas Christian University-go Frogs!] Dec 2014 so I’m still trying to figure life out, blah blah blah.

  6. I studied Food Management in college so I’m familiar with food, ingredients, and the composition of recipes.

  7. If you see me post pics from the past and my hair is different in each one-don’t be alarmed. I went through some thangs in college. Changing up my hair was my rebellious self-expression. Those days are over…for the most part.

8. I’ve worked in kitchens and bakeries as a Pastry Chef, so if you see a lot of dessert recipes, just know that they are

Hopefully you read that intro list. If not…well…[sips tea]. Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to know more about you! What’s your name? Where are you from? [Is that creeper to ask?] If you don’t think it is-comment below! With that being said-let’s get in the kitchen and get to cooking! May the odds ever be in your favor. 

Peace, Love, and Food,



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    Saika from Fort Pierce, Florida. Excited to try your dessert recipes!

    August 4, 2016
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    Hello Elle! I don’t think I have responded to a blog before and not sure why I am connecting with you but I feel your vibe. On the butter, date, do you boo me time etc. Thank you for sharing your world with the likes of me. I am a lil older than you, not old enough that you will ever call me “Ma’am” (lol). I love the idea of cooking but youtube always tricks me into believing I can do these things, like this jacked up crochet do I can’t get out my hair, I digress, anyway, I too am on a journey to find myself. I am a Social Services professional who is strongly considering a business that actually cures not bandage some of the issues I am seeing. I may use food as a means but have not fully worked that out yet. I am a mother to an awesome 19 year old college kid who decided to leave his college campus after one semester because he was bored!! Do you know I had to hustle two jobs to make his transition happen! smh! That boy… (breathe). I am a Philly girl, a social butterfly, I work with incarcerated females in the day and youth under state care at night. I too am trying to find my style, sense of self and have decided to stop depriving myself. I hope this finds you and your community well. I am hype about getting a steak and finally making it like the one I accidentally ordered that cost $68! Almost had a silent heart attack. Shoulda known something was up when I didn’t see a price. Dang was it worth it tho! Can’t wait to read more about your world. I’ll let you know how my steak and lobster taters work out.

    May 20, 2017

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