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Earl’s Kitchen and Bar

This past weekend, I attended one of my friend’s brunches to celebrate her one year blogaversary. [Shoutout to Christen (@christennmariee) over at The Daily Slay]. Brunch was at Earl’s Kitchen at Bar in Plano, which I’ve been waiting to get my taste buds on.

Let me just say-the decor, the patio, the feel-it’s beautiful. I can tell that the aesthetic of the restaurant was definitely considered when it was being developed. The little touches that they included-from the plants to the color schemes of the paint to the bar area-was absolutely eye-catching. Also to mention- It was so cold in there, which I guess they knew because they were bringing out blankets to the table. likeeee…we could just turn down the thermostat ya’ll.

Of course-I ordered a brunch cocktail. THE FROZEN WHITE PEACH MIMOSA IS …I MEAN…THERE ARE JUST NO WORDS. It was so good. Like-I couldn’t stop talking about it so everyone at the table ordered one lol. And then they ordered more. THAT GOOD. I was a bit baffled by the fact that they did not have chicken so I couldn’t order the chicken and waffles. I was upset about that lol like…it’s Saturday brunch. Huh?

I ended up ordering the Strawberries and Cream Waffles with a side of potatoes. [Always gotta have something sweet and savory]. I’ll admit-They were delish. But the service…was…it was just a little rollercoaster ride. Our server was really nice-and cute…but I could tell he was young and maybe hadn’t worked a large table in a while…or ever for that matter. Everyone’s orders were mixed up-some people had food-some people had to wait. The tickets were mixed up. It was just…#issamess.

I WILL SAY, at the end of our dining experience, the manager came over and gave us all $25 gift cards. I’m assuming because they saw how much of a complication our service was. I thought that was such a nice touch. So Earl’s…I’ll be back. This time I’ll probably just come by myself-and to try your truffle fries. I heard they’re outstanding. If ya’ll are ever in Plano…kind of near Shops at Legacy…try out Earl’s. MAINLY FOR THAT FROZEN WHITE PEACH MIMOSA. 


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