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Cycling at Zyn22

2017 is the year of #dobetter. I am being conscious of everything that I put into my body and exercising as much as I can to get this weight off. I’m wearing crop tops this summer yall. We’re claiming that. Period. Sooo this past weekend, I had the most HORRIBLY AMAZING workout I have ever had. Zyn22 is a cycling boutique that “provides premium indoor cycling classes that combine cardio, weight training, dancing and inspiration for a full-body, life-changing workout.”

You guys HAVE TO experience at some point in your near future. The atmosphere is super cute and modern, the staff is friendly, BUT THAT WORKOUT THO…I almost died ya’ll. I was so in the zone…or “zyn”…it seemed as if I just completely forgot about everything going on in life and around me for about 45 minutes. Val, our four-month pregnant instructor, was motivating to a whole extra level. 

The music selection is [Juvenile Back that Ahhh up] was playing…it’s pretty diverse and comparable to a Soul Cycle type of class. You will use every muscle and come out DRENCHED in sweat. “Don’t forget your water…you’ll need that.” [but they also have bottles there for you too].  Membership is a little pricey but your first ride is free. It definitely doesn’t hurt to experience the Ride of Your Life…literally. #rideitlikeyoustoleit

Park Lane location: 

8060 Park Ln

Uptown Dallas location: 

3858 Oak Lawn Ave #430

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